History of Chinese Civilization 1.3

History of Chinese Civilization 1.3


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History of Chinese Civilization, a series of bilingual books, will win over its readers with interesting and inspiring historical facts and stories, told in accurate yet vivid, simple yet thought-provoking words. Many color illustrations throughout the series will give their readers a better understanding of those facts and stories which tell them about not only history but also how to learn from history, thus getting readers even closer to history. It includes: History of the Great Wall, History of the Yangtze River, History of the Yellow River, History of the Chinese Civilization: The Origin, History of Acrobatics, History of Ancient Pagoda, History of Dress, History of Sever Ancient Capital Cities, History of Wine Drinking, History of Painting, History of Calligraphy, History of Fictions History of Palaces and Temples in Tibet, History of Tea Drinking, History of Palace Museum, History of Poetry, History of Sports, History of Folk Houses, History of Gardens, History of Confucius Temples, History of Chinese WuShu, History of Traditional Chinese Medicine, History of DunHuang, History of Chinese Characters, History of Silk, History of Pottery, History of Traditional Opera, History of Festivals, History of Porcelain, History of Science and Technology. With carefully chosen and arranged texts written both in Chinese and English, the books will not only help westerners and the descendants of overseas Chinese learn the language as well as the history and culture of China but will also serve as easy-to-read handbooks for Chinese readers, young readers in particular, to obtain more knowledge on Chinese history and culture. What"s more, by reading these books, Chinese readers will learn idiomatic expressions and thus communicate more effectively with people around the world. History of Chinese Civilization will help ordinary westerners know more and better about China so that we can expel the sense of bewilderment, bridge the cultural gaps and enjoy the increasingly harmonious world.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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